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Enjoy a Once-in-a-Lifetime Hunting Experience with Fowl Lifestyle Outfitters, LLC as They Show You What True Southern Hospitality Means!

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Lease a Flooded Field & Pit for a Day to Set the Stage for Some Unforgettable Duck, Specklebelly, & Snow Goose Hunting Done Your Way!

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We Aim to Give You Fair & Competitive Rates Coupled With Extremely High Quality Hunting Experiences From Start to Finish!


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Land Owners


Feel free to contact us about leased ground possibilities. From managing large tracts of Ag ground & timber, to single field leases, we can help you manage your ground, whatever your case may be!  We are always looking for quality ground in & around the bootheel of Missouri, NE Arkansas, & NW Tennessee that hold hunting & outdoor opportunities.

We help manage ground for multiple land owners & help them reach their goals when it comes to leasing out there ground while keeping it extremely simple for them from start to finish. Whether you want to be involved in every step, or want someone else to handle all of the leg work, we can help you out! Give us a call today!

Our Story 

Enjoy some of the finest Missouri duck hunting in the rice fields of Southeast Missouri with Fowl Lifestyle Outfitters, LLC located near Rives, Missouri. We are a waterfowl outfitter who offer guided duck & goose hunts to anyone interested in the trip of a lifetime, as well as self-guided daily pit leases during duck, specklebelly, & snow goose season. When you choose us, we do everything we can to give you the opportunity to have a memorable trip. All of our duck hunting guides are lifetime waterfowl hunters with the utmost respect for the ducks & geese we chase.  We have developed a strong reputation for providing high-quality services at prices that are lower and better than our competition. Duck hunting in Missouri is quickly becoming the go-to-place for consistent duck & snow goose hunting. Guided duck hunts in rice fields are something that every duck hunter should experience, & no better a place than the Show Me State in its South Zone!

Flooded rice field duck hunting is one of the most popular styles of waterfowl hunting due to the variety of birds that you are given the opportunity to harvest every day.  So if you're looking to duck hunt in Missouri, whether it be guided or not guided, be sure to check us out, we would love to have you in the field with us!  There is nothing like teal buzzing the decoys at first light, mallards cupped up over the decoys, or barred-up specks sailing into your spread in the flooded fields of the prairie!

We strive to show you what flooded rice & bean field duck hunting is all about in SEMO, through many styles of hunting.  Our high-quality guided duck hunts as well as our proven self guided daily pit leases are coupled with true southern hospitality to ensure you have a relaxed & enjoyable trip.  We are always looking for new & better fields each season in our area, so even our returning clients are sure to see new setups every season. So come join us & duck hunt the bootheel of Missouri & see what duck hunting in the South Zone of Missouri is all about!  Missouri Duck Hunting Guides are not in short supply & we do what it takes to stand out from our competition in every aspect of your trip to the bootheel with us!

We are not the biggest duck hunting guide service in Missouri by any means, nor do we want to be.  We strive to keep our hunts relaxed & personal with every group, but extremely professional in every way possible.  We want every one of our clients to feel as if they are at their own duck hunting camp throughout their entire trip with us.  We also want to be the duck hunting guide service that you come back to each season not just because you got to shoot alot, but because you enjoyed every aspect of the trip from the well kept pits & fields, to the camaraderie in the blind between you & your waterfowl guide.  Our hunting is done exclusively on private ground, giving you the best opportunities possible with no hassle!  When it comes to guided duck hunts in Missouri, come experience the Fowl Lifestyle!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to conserve and to better the value of land habitats, for the use of wildlife and waterfowl in particular, through our everyday practices in the outdoors & to introduce young outdoorsmen & women into the field.

Contact us to learn more about our Guided Duck & Goose Hunts and our Self-Guided Daily Pit Leases.